Sands of Self

1 min readNov 21, 2019


Together again.

“James” photo by Maria B. Davis

My hair is dark.

My eyes are brown.

I am the color of sand.

Rocks and shells disintegrated into tiny particles by a blue and green ocean and carried in its powerful current to be spread across the world to distant shores.

I was once whole like the rocks and shells that protected their living hosts, but now…

I’ve been crushed by the power of society’s waves, the pressure and weight breaking bits and pieces of self away, to be lost and held by the hearts and clenched hands of lovers, friends, family, and those who take those bits and pieces to place them in bottles, never to be reunited to their whole.

I feel the loss. I am no longer whole…but I’ll search.

I’ll seek to find the scattered sands of self,

To rest with them even if in pieces, but yet together on the same sandy shore.




Older, but not necessarily wiser. I look ahead, keeping the past in mind. It shapes who I am without defining me, forever changing, hopefully for the better.